Most Common Questions asked by Non-Muslims who have some knowledge of Islam


Q2.     Present Qur'an in not the original but that of Usman (R.A.) 1 ... read

Q3.     Does Islam promote violence? ... read

Q4.     Qur'an uses ‘We’ For Allah ... read


Q6.     The theory of abrogation ... read

Q7.     Meaning of Alif Laam Meem ... read

Q8.     Does the Qur'an say that the earth is flat? ... read

Q9.     Does only Allah know the sex of the child in the mother's womb? ... read

Q10.   Hoor ... read

Q11.   Is the heart responsible for understanding? ... read


Q13.   Allah has sealed the heart of Kafirs ... read

Q14.   Heavens and Earth created in six days and not eight days ... read

Q15.   Is man created from sperm or dust? ... read

Q16.   Allah is the Lord of two easts and two wests ... read

Q17.   One day in the sight of Allah is 1,000 OR 50,000 years ...read

Q18.   Iblis - Angel or Jinn? ...read

Q19.   Author of the Qur'an does not know mathematics ... read

Q20.   Is Allah forgiving or revengeful? ... read