• An eminent scholar who hails from a family which commands a special distinction in knowledge and learning.

• His forefathers were the founders of Darululoom Deoband – “the Azhar” of India.

• Product of Darululoom Deoband, from where he obtained his Mufti degree in 1958. Then he left for Saudi Arabia for
   further studies at Madina University.

• Worked at Darululoom Deoband for 12 years after the completion of his formal education.

• In 1973, he was given the responsibility of Darul Ifta of the state of Punjab as Chief Mufti.

• Written a number of articles and research papers besides which he has more than sixty regular books also to his credit
   One of his rare accomplishments is that he has done extensive codification of the Islamic laws by giving detailed
   references from  their main sources - the Qur’an, Hadith and Fiqh.

• Known as outstanding speaker