• Dr. Israr Ahmad is a world-renowned Islamic thinker and scholar from Pakistan. He is known to many  by his
  Lectures  and Quranic Lessons through audio/video tapes available around the world, also through his books on
  various important Islamic topics.

• He gave up his medical practice in 1970 and since then he has devoted his life for the study and teaching of

• Founder of “Markazi Anjuman Khuddam-Ul-Qur’an”, Lahore, Pakistan.

• Completed his MBBS FROM King Edward Medical College in 1954.

• From  1952-53  he  was  Nazim-e-A’la  of Islamic Jamiat-e-Talaba, and in 1954 he joined Jamat- e-Islami.
   He however disassociated from it in 1957.

• Completed his MA in Islamic Studies in 1965 from Karachi University, Pakistan.

• In 1972 he founded Markazi Anjuman Khuddam-Ul-Qur’an The sole aim before The Markazi Anjuman
  Khuddam-Ul-Qur’an is to disseminate and propagate the knowledge and wisdom of  The Holy Qur’an.

• In 1975 he founded Tanzeem-e-Islami for establishing Deen through a truly revolutionary process  derived from
   the Seerah of the Prophet Mohammed (SAS).

• Markazi Anjuman Khuddam Ul Qur’an Academy, 36-K Model Town, Lahore 54700, Pakistan Tel: 5869501
  Fax: 5834000.

• Postal Address : Markazi Anjuman Khuddam Ul Qur’an Quran Academy, 36-K Model Town, Lahore  54700, Pakistan Tel: 5869501 * Fax: 5834000

• Email : asif@tanzeem.org