• Internationally known educationist whose lectures on the topic of education & upbringing have created a revolution
   in the masses for over 3 decades.

• Delivered over 3200 lectures throughout India for students & parents.

• Conducted over 200 educational workshops for teachers.

• Internationally known writer on educational & social issues of the Muslims and has written over 900 articles on
  various issues related to the Muslim Ummah.

• Author of 9 books on education, many of them have multiple editions.

• Writes columns in many leading newspapers of the Indian subcontinent.

• Honoured with several awards by several organisations, prominent among them being ‘Sir Syed Award’ by American
  Federation of Muslims in 2009.

• Lectures on PeaceTV and his programme ‘Sham-e-Ilm’ is very popular among the students, parents & teachers across
  the globe.