• He received his Primary education in Delhi

• He acquired his Aalimiyat and Fazeelat from “Salafia Banaras”

• He did his B.A. in Hadeeth from the “Islamic University of Madeenah”

• He has worked as a Teacher in “Al Mahat Al Islami Al Salafi”, Bareilly for 14 years

• He also worked as the Secretary in the administration of “Al  Mahat Al Islami Al Salafi”, Bareilly and also made his
  contributions in the Da’wah Department.

• He has been and is the editor of several magazines like,

  (1) Daawat-e-Salafiya, Aligarh

  (2) Tareeda Tarjumaan, Delhi

• He had assisted in the translation of an “Encyclopedia on Hadeeth” at Daarut Daawah, Delhi

• He is presently working as a Teacher of Hadeeth in “Jamia Syed Nazeer Hussain Muhammad Dehalwi   University”

• He is also the Deputy Secretary of “Markaz-e-Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadeeth”

• He is the author of several books on the topic of the “Conditions in Iraq”