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Shamim Ahmed Khan Fauzi holds a Masters degree in Arabic Literature with specialization in Functional Arabic Language. He is graduated from the world renowned seminary, Islamic University of Madinah. At present, he is associated with the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Mumbai. He is working as an Arabic teacher with the Islamic International School and as a Research Executive with the IRF since 2002.

Shaikh Fauzi has lectured at a number of places in India. He is a prominent speaker on Peace TV Urdu. His on-going series on Peace TV Urdu includes “Gunah-e-Kabeera, Fazail-e-Hajj and Sham-e-Islam to name a few.

Shamim Fauzi is a man of pen too he has contributed a number of articles and research papers in various Magazine and News Papers in Urdu and Arabic on various Socio-Islamic issues of Muslims in India.

Besides this, he has an experience of more than a decade in teaching Islamic studies, Tafseer and Qur’anic Arabic.