• Born in Pratapgarh, U.P.

• Acquired his degree from the faculty of Hadith from Madina Al Munawwarah.

• Had the opportunity to seek knowledge from various Shyookh and Ulama by the grace of Allah azza wa jal’. Among
  them are:

-Shaikh Al Hadith Shams Al-haq Salafi [rahimahullah].
-Shaikh Anisur-Rahman Aazmi Al Madani [Hafidhahullah].
-Shaikh Rabee Bin Hadi Al Madkhali [Hafidhahullah].
-Dr. Ziya Ar-rahmaan Aazmi [Hafidhahullah].

• Working in the United Arab Emirates in the field of Da’wah for almost 25 years.

• Received invitations to speak in many international Islamic conferences and visits India on a frequent basis for
   spreading and  teaching the people about Islam.

• In 2004 he was chosen by the government of Saudi Arabia to be the official teacher for Hajj and the rulings
  surrounding it.

• Authored several books, among them the two most popular ones being Tariqaa-e-Hajj & Ahkaam-e-Aqiqa.